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Airwallet +/Airwallet+/Airwallet Plus - an additional warranty

Why choose Airwallet+?

Are you or your customers concerned about the Airwallet boxes or an Anton getting damaged or that some unforeseen circumstances could cause that the system can’t be used anymore? Then Airwallet+ is the solution for you.

Sometimes the fear of high unforeseen costs play a crucial role when taking the decision to install a mobile payment solution such as Airwallet.
We took these concerns into consideration and created a new product - Airwallet+.

It’s an additional warranty that you can add when subscribing an AirwalletPRO300 box or an Anton. It is shown as an optional product you can select when choosing your billing plan, costs 20% of the fee and can be added individually to each machine.

Airwallet+ covers repair or replacement of existing Airwallet equipment in cases of:

Electrical or software errors causing the payment system to be unusable.
Vandalism against the payment system.
Slow performance on Airwallet Anton five years after activation of the device.
New regulations prohibiting the use of previously sold Airwallet equipment.

What is included?

Airwallet+ includes free shipping but does not cover installation of the equipment.

Airwallet+ will cover the duration of the selected billing plan, and will automatically be renewed or canceled with the billing plan.

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Updated on: 09/08/2023

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