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Getting started with Airwallet as a laundry owners

Getting started with Airwallet

Now that you have learned about Airwallet and got your Airwallet devices, it is time to make it all work!

What will you find in this short guide:

Creating an Airwallet dashboard account
Adding bank account details
Verifying your Airwallet Account
Adding a location to the Airwallet Dashboard
Adding devices to the Airwallet Dashboard
Installation of Airwallet devices
Money flow - How is the revenue paid out

In order to test the Airwallet devices, you need to create an account for your Airwallet Dashboard first, set up a location and, add the devices (unless your distributor already has created a Dashboard for you).

1. Creating an Airwallet dashboard account

You can create a Dashboard at

Please use a valid email address and choose your password. If you have a VAT (Tax) number, please choose the option “Company or partnership”.

Once you have filled out the form you will have access to the Dashboard.

2. Bank account details

After you log in to the Dashboard, you will need to add your banking information by going to “Bank account details”.

All the email addresses written in the Accounting email address will receive both the settlements and invoices connected to the account.

3. Verifying your Airwallet Account

While creating the Airwallet Dashboard you are also creating your Stripe account. Except for banking information our payment provider Stripe needs documentation on the company’s owners or representatives with more than 25% ownership in the company. The information is used to ensure that Airwallet cannot be used for money laundering or finance terrorism.

To verify your Stripe account you need to go to Stripe KYC.

To get more details on how to correctly fill in the information you can check this guide:

Verification when registered as a company

The last step is to verify your account via email.

4. Adding a location to the Airwallet Dashboard

In your Dashboard go to Locations and then click on the icon called “New location”

When you name your locations and devices, the information is used in the app to give your users an overview of which of your locations they are in and which machines they can choose from. Remember this when naming devices and locations:

Make names short but meaningful.
A good name for a location can be the address of the laundry or the name of the laundry.
A good name for the device matches the machine it is installed on, making it easy and quick for the user to identify which machine they need.
Recommendation: use the included Airwallet sticker and write the same name from the Dashboard on the sticker.

5. Adding devices to the Airwallet Dashboard

Click on the location you have created and choose “Create washer/dryer” or “Create terminal”.

Provide the serial number of the device, and afterward, continue setting up the specifications for your device. You can find recommendations for different machine settings here.

6. Installation of Airwallet devices

For installation advice go back to the installation guides:

Here you can find the newest guide to the Airwallet PRO device.
Here you can find the newest guide to Anton - Airwallet payment terminal.
Here you can check out installation guides for specific machines.

7. Billing

If you have received only Airwallet devices and not the full Airwallet package including subscription (depending on distributor), you might need to pay the Airwallet subscription fee for each device in your dashboard:

In order to set the subscription go to Billing

Select all the devices you want to activate

Choose a suitable billing option (card payment/invoice) and a suitable billing period

If necessary, please provide your purchase number. If you are not required to display a purchase order number on your invoices, you have the flexibility to input any information you wish to appear on your invoice. (e.g. the name of your location)

Here you also have the possibility to choose Airwallet + insurance. Read more here about the Airwallet + insurance

After clicking complete billing the invoice will come automatically to the email/s you have chosen in your account settings as an "Accounting email addresses"

Subscription prices already include all the transaction fees and provisions, so there is nothing extra to be paid

8. Money flow - How is the revenue paid out

All the transactions from your laundromat are gathered during a month on a Stripe virtual account and are paid out at the beginning of the upcoming month (weekly payouts are also possible). You can always see the date of your next payout in your Airwallet Dashboard. When the payout is being processed, you will also receive a settlement which can be used for your own accounting purposes.

To make sure the payout is sent to your account check that you have successfully filled out all of the information mentioned in this article.

9. Support

If there are any questions or issues, you can always contact our Customer Support Team 7 days a week at +45 78 70 99 99 or [email protected]. You may also contact us via the live chat you can find in your app or on our website.

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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