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How to verify Airwallet Account

Needed verification on your Airwallet dashboard can stop payouts from your laundry to your Airwallet account. This is why it is important for the account to be verified as the system requires. Information about a representative, VAT number, or business registration might be needed.

To fill out the needed information, you have to:

→ Go to Airwallet dashboard under Overview
→ Go to the company representative and click Edit

When a person has to be verified, you got those options:

→ Take a picture with your phone
→ Take a picture with your webcam
→ Upload a file

When you have to choose, which ID verification you like to upload, you got these options:

→ Passport
→ Drive license
→ Identity card (Ex. health insurance card, letter from government)

If you want to upload a file for proof of verification, just upload the document from your computer through a file as proof of identification.

After you have confirmed the uploading the system will need a couple of minutes to pending the verification that you just attached.

If the verification is getting rejected, you can contact our customer support through the live chat in the app or at our website on

You can also call us on our main number: +45 78 70 99 99

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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