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How to use Coupons

Coupons can be a great way to maintain loyal users of your laundries, increase the adoption of new users, or gain new users.

Start by creating a new coupon

The ‘coupon’ page can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu. Here you can create a new coupon.

To create a new coupon you have to fill in the following fields:

Coupon Name:

Select a great name for your coupon, this will be shown on the app users ‘Coupon’ page, and when the coupon is applied to purchases.


Select the ‘reward’ the user should be granted when the coupon is triggered. The types can be:

Percentage: A percentage discount that will be withdrawn from the full price the user has selected.

Fixed amount: A fixed amount in your local currency. The amount coupon will work like a balance, where the user can use the granted coupon across multiple purchases.

Free starts: An amount of free starts that will be granted when the coupon is applied.

Apply to:

Select the group of locations where the coupon should be applied, or can be redeemed. Operators will be able to select locations owned by their customers.

Distribution type:

Select the segmentation for your coupon, and how your users should receive the coupon you are about to create. Only users in the laundries selected in ‘Apply to’ will be available.

Your options for distribution are:

To all users: This will distribute the coupon to all the users in the group selected.

To selected users: This will only create the coupon, but you are afterward responsible for enrolling the selected users via the ‘Users’ page. Locate the user(s) you want to distribute the coupon to and in the ‘Actions’ menu select ‘Apply coupon’. Here you can select between all the coupons available in this location, distributed to ‘selected users’.

Use a coupon code: With this distribution type you can create a coupon code, and you can distribute via printed material or social media.

Triggered: Here you can select when or how often the reward should be granted. The trigger types you can select between are:

Once: Coupons triggered once can only be used once per user. The coupon will be applied to the user's upcoming purchase. The coupon redemption is tracked between the creation/deletion of accounts to avoid abuse.
Forever: A coupon triggered forever will be applied every time the user purchases until the laundry administrator removes the coupon from the user or deletes the coupon on the Airwallet dashboard.

Every: A coupon triggered at every ‘X’ is one of the more complex coupon trigger types but can be great for rewarding loyal customers.
The trigger points available are:
After x starts made in the laundry
Every day, week, or month. The usage trackers for these coupons will be reset at 2.00 UTC.
After x spend amount in the grouped laundries selected in ‘Apply to’

Additionally, you can also select if the user should be given the reward upfront.
If the user hasn’t yet qualified for the coupon, it will be listed as ‘Qualified soon’ in the app.

Happy hour: A coupon triggered at select time slot(s) throughout the week, where the users should be rewarded for using the laundry. The time slot(s) can be in intervals of 15 min or more. The happy hours will be public until the coupon is deleted.

Period: A coupon triggered in a specific period. It will be available from 00.00.00 on the start date and until 23.59.59 on the end date.

Notify users:

When you choose to distribute your coupon to ‘All users’ you can also decide to design a push notification that will be sent to your laundry user's phone. The notification will be shown after 1-4 min. Depending on how many users are in your group of laundries.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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