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Team member roles


An owner has read/write access to everything and can delete the main account if needed.


An editor has read/write access to all aspects of the system, except for the ability to delete the main account.


Technicians have read/write access to the following areas: actions, locations, booking settings, machines, and terminals, and they can also create new customer accounts. Additionally, they have the privilege to activate new Airwallet units.

A technician does not have access to transaction data, contracts, revenue statistics, settlements, company details, or payout information.


A dashboard user has read-only access to settlements, revenue statistics, and company details. They can also view actions, transactions, locations, bookings, machines, terminals, contracts, and customer settings.

However, a dashboard user is not allowed to make any modifications but can process refunds when necessary.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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