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Anton installation guide

1. Install and power up Anton

Unbox the Anton and locate the metal key on the back of tablet.
Use the key to unlock the metal 'wallpart' from the Anton, and install the wallpart with the provided screws.
Connect the Anton to power by supplying line and neutral to the charger located behind the terminal.
Power up the Anton by pressing and holding the power button for 2 sec. It's located on the top right side of the Anton.

2. Set up Anton on the Airwallet dashboard

To set up Anton's dashboard log into

Once in the dashboard click, on the icon called Locations in the menu.

When in the specific location click on the icon called Create terminal.

Afterward, fill in the Serial Number that can be found on the smaller screen of the payment terminal by clicking on the turn on/off button.

Select the default language in which Anton is desired to operate in.

Now Anton is created, and can be activated by choosing a subscription plan on the page 'Billing'.

After you have subscribed Anton you have to press 'start' on Anton.

Press Activate, if you are asked to 'Activate device admin app'.

Press 'I'm in the laundry', and Anton will look for Airwallet boxes that are configured and are powered on.

Select your Laundry and test your installation by making a transaction.

You are now done setting up Anton!

3. (Optional) Choose another mobile operator for Anton

Anton will connect to the first mobile operator it discovers in your area. If you want to switch it to a better mobile operator follow these steps:

Exit ProKiosk Mode on Anton by:

Push and hold the button on the right side of Anton

Two options will appear, select on the ProKiosk mode
To exit the ProKiosk mode you need to enter the ProKiosk mode code (to receive the code contact Airwallet's support at [email protected] or +45 7870 9999)

You have now exited ProKiosk mode. This is where you need to make the changes:

→ Go into 'Settings'
→ Click on 'Connections'
→ 'Mobile Networks'
→ 'Network operators'
→ Turn off 'Select automatically' and choose the preferred network operator from the options.
→ Once the preferred operator is chosen, click one more time on 'Network operators'
→ Turn back on 'Select automatically' (By doing so, the manually chosen preferred operator will be from now on chosen automatically by the terminal)

Lastly, go back to Mobile Networks and then to 'Access Point Names' to make sure it is set to

Check the internet connection or signal at the location

This can be tested by locating the app 'Google Chrome' on the tablet and entering:

Now perform the speed test. The speed has to be higher than 8 Mbps to guarantee a satisfying user experience.

Select another network operator if your test is lower than the recommended target.

When you're satisfied with the internet connection enter ProKiosk mode again

→ Go into 'Settings' and select 'About tablet'
→ Select 'Software information' and then 'Knox Configure'
→ Select 'Profile Information* and then 'Enter ProKiosk mode'
→ Now enter the passcode for the ProKiosk mode.

4. Best practice

Lastly we have three good tips for you, when installing Anton:

Make sure the Anton is within 20 meters of the machines
Check if Anton is not blocked by any object from the right side to ensure access to the reset button.
Make sure Anton is away from any machines or windows to ensure protection from water damage.
Click the Airwallet logo on the frontpage to check if the Anton has all permissions set. If it's missing a admin permission it will ask you to activate it now.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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