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Anton update

Anton update (manually)

To update Anton it is necessary to gather information for the support team to update Anton on their side first:

Start by pushing the button on the right side of Anton until the option to click on ProKiosk mode pops up.

After choosing the ProKiosk mode you need to enter a code (to receive the code contact Airwallet's support at [email protected] or +45 7870 9999).

Here you have to:
→ Go to 'settings'
→ Go to 'About Tablet'

Once in settings go to note down the IMEI number, and send it together with the Serial Number to the AirWallet support team. (The Serial Number can be found on the smaller screen of the payment terminal by clicking on the turn on/off button)

When the support team approves the update on their side follow these steps:

→ Go one more time into 'Settings' and the 'About tablet' section.
→ Click on 'Software Information'
→ 'Knox Configure'
→ 'Profile information
→ 'Update'


→ Advanced Features
→ Configuration Service
→ Profile Information
→ Update
→ Apply

Afterward, the terminal will update and restart by itself. Moreover, it will redirect to the Airwallet 'Start' page again.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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