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Monitor your Anton's with Anton health

Anton health page is a tool to make it easy for you to monitor all your Anton's at once.

The page shows diffrent columns like: Last check in, session start, battery status etc.

Some of the most important columns:

Last check in:
Anton is setup to check in every 5 minutes, if somebody makes a payment or touches the screen in the laundry room, then it will also make a check in.
Tablet battery:
The tablet battery should always be 80% or above. Some android versions will keep the tablet at 80% to prolong the lifetime of the battery.
Last incident:
The last incident shows when the Anton had a challenge the last time. Just next there is the "incident duration", which shows for how long time there was a incident.
Under the notes, you can write a note on the Anton.
You can filter the page of the status, to see if any of your Antons have challenges.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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