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How to exchange SIM card on Anton

How to exchange SIM card on Anton

This is a guide on how to exchange the SIM card on Anton. This article includes a video of exchanging the SIM card together with a step-by-step guide.

→ Use the key for Anton to take the tablet out of its cage (You can find the lock on the left side of the tablet)
→ Pull down the metal or plastic back cover to release the tablet from its cover
→ Unplug the tablet from the charger
→ Once the tablet is out, use a tiny source to put in the input on the SIM card tray at the bottom on the left side of the tablet
→ Remove the former SIM card, attach the new one, and insert it into the tablet again
→ Bring the tablet back to the cage and apply the back cover
→ Click on the Anton key lock so it goes in and locks the tablet

After the new SIM card has been installed, you have to configure it in the settings of the Anton:

Follow this article to complete the new SIM card setup on the Anton:
Changing Settings of Anton Sim Cards & Network Operator

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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