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Changing Settings of Anton Sim Cards & Network Operator

To access the settings that are needed, you must exit ProKiosk Mode on Anton. This is done by:

→ Push the button on the right side of Anton
→ Two options will appear - Restart and ProKiosk mode
→ Click on the Prokiosk mode
→ To exit the ProKiosk mode you need to enter a code (to receive the code contact Airwallet's support at [email protected] or +45 7870 9999)

You have now exited ProKiosk mode. This is where you need to make the changes:

→ Go into Settings
→ Click on Connections
→ Click on Mobile Networks
→ Choose Network operators
→ Turn off Select automatically and choose the preferred operator from the options.
→ Once the preferred operator is chosen, click one more time on Network operators
→ Turn back on Select automatically (By doing so, the manually chosen preferred operator will be from now on chosen automatically by the terminal)

Lastly, go back to Mobile Networks and then to the Access Point Names to make sure it is set to

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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