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Stripe KYC - verification as a company

KYC verification company

Read more here on why do you have to provide following information to Stripe - Airwallet's financial services

1. Fill in all the necessary information about your company:

Legal business name (The name you provide must exactly match the name associated with the connected account's tax ID.)
Company House Registration Number
Doing business as (optional - The operating name of the connected account's company, if it's different than the legal name)
Registered business address (This can be a home address if there is no business address.)
Business phone number (If you do not provide support phone number this number will be contacted in case of need by the Airwallet team)
Business website (If you don’t have a website, enter a social media page, LinkedIn, or other relevant link.)

2. Verify all the representatives in management and ownership of your company

It’s required to add any individual who is on the governing board, owns 25% or more of the company or otherwise has significant management control of the company. Learn more about what to do if another company has 25% or more ownership of the company.

Legal name, surname
Email address
Job title
Date of birth
Personal home address (make sure the address is matching address stated on your identity verification document)
Phone number
State if you own 25% or more of the company
State if you are member of the governing board

If needed add more representatives

3. Agree﹠submit

Do not forget to click Agree﹠submit to save all the information.

4. Upload verification documents

Filling previously mentioned information will be enough to set up the billing for your account, however the moment your account will receive bigger volumes of payouts Stripe might require verification of identity, address, and legal entity.

For that reason, once all the information about your account will be processed, go to your dashboard one more time and click on Edit next to the account representative's name.

Go to Edit

Go here to find out which verification documents are acceptable at your country.

Best practice for verification document

Make sure the information on the document are matching the information provided for the Airwallet account
Some forms of documentation require scans of both the front and back of the document. For these, use the document_back parameter to provide the back of the document. Unless explicitly noted, only a scan of the front of the document is required
If uploading picture make sure the picture has good lightning and all the information is easy to read
If uploading scanned document make sure the document is in colour if needed and all the information is easy to read

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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