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Airwallet Product Roadmap 2024 with Release Status

H1 2024

User Management System (Status: Released): Implemented a robust user management framework to streamline operations and improve customer service capabilities.

Recent Activities Tracking (Status: Released): Enhancing the user management system with a feature to monitor recent activities of each user, enabling better support and user engagement.

Coupons (Status: Released): Launching an advanced incentive program with coupons to drive customer retention and business growth across all laundries.

Android Wallet (Status: In development): Introducing an Android wallet application allowing users to add funds to their Airwallet balance, facilitating a seamless laundry experience.

White Label Solution for Distributors (Status: In development): Enabling selected distributors to get Airwallet apps white-labelled, enhancing brand visibility and partner engagement.

H2 2024

Pricing Module (Status: Planned): Developing a pricing module to adjust prices across the entire fleet of machines with just a few clicks, ensuring competitive pricing strategies.

Actions System Refinement and Additions (Status: Planned):
- Implementing machine learning-driven actions for identifying unusual usage activities.
- Developing early detection systems for user churn on sites.
- Introducing pricing recommendations based on statistics from all laundries.
- Alerting for machines installed incorrectly or showing busy signals.

Coin Meter Tracking (Status: Planned): Integrating a feature to track coin meters in laundromats, notifying when they need to be emptied, optimizing collection processes.

This roadmap reflects the current status of each initiative, providing clarity on what has been completed and what is in the pipeline for the remainder of 2024.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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