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240V North America Home-Style installation guide

The Airwallet Pro is designed for machines with coin acceptance terminals. Home-style machines does not have that. However, the Airwallet Pro is capable of controlling a relay that can control the power to the machine. This relay can be provided by Airwallet and installed together with the Airwallet Pro as illustrated (below).

Installation videos

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Variable ➜ Full Duration
Time increment: 10 min., Busy signal: None

Set up the AWPRO on the dashboard according to the instructions above.
Check if the relay can be mounted inside the machine itself or if you need to use a junction box for safe installation.
Connect the AWPRO and relay according to the instructions below (remember to shut off power before installing).
Isolate the unused wires of the AWPRO
Do a test transaction with the mobile app to check that everything is working. You can contact Airwallet to become a test-user.

Wiring diagram

No.AW PRO310 or higherWiring diagram
1Wire no. 1Hot1 terminal
2Wire no. 2Neutral terminal
3Wire no. 3Hot1 terminal
4Wire no. 4Relay A1
5Wire no. 5Not in use
6Wire no. 6Not in use
7Wire no. 7Not in use

Jumper 1 : Neutral terminal ➜ Relay A2

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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