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Airwallet PRO & Home Kit - installation guide

Airwallet PRO & Home Kit Installation guide

The Airwallet PRO is developed for commercial laundry equipment, but with the 'Home kit' the Airwallet PRO can be fitted to a domestic laundry machine in 5-10 minutes.
The 'Home kit' is free of charge and can be ordered by notifying your Airwallet distributor or sales rep, when you purchase Airwallet PRO units.

The 'Home kit' contains:

1 - Assembly box 130x85x37mm - white
1 - 240VAC 40A Power relay
1 - 6 positions terminal block
1 Installation guide w. wiring diagram
Required assembly wires
Accessories - wall screws, strips and plugs

Installation Guide

Step 1

Setup the the Airwallet PRO on the Airwallet dashboard at The most common configuration for domestic machines is: Washer/dryer -> Variable -> Full duration.

Step 2

Mount the assembly box on the wall behind the machine and insert the wires.

Step 3

Connect the relay, terminal block and wires according to the wiring diagram.

Step 4

Tidy up the installation with zip ties, and test the installation from the Airwallet app.

Step 5

You're done 🎉

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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