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Airwallet App Guide

App Guide

First log-in:

Register your phone number and create a 4-digit PIN code.
Add payment method in Settings. Make sure you click on the edit button to add/edit the card.

Explore the booking options (if your laundry enabled the booking settings)


When in the laundry room, choose the machine you would like to connect to and use and follow the instructions.

Connect to the machine


If the machine is set at a fixed price, simply Swipe right to complete the payment.
If the machines are set at a variable price, select the time corresponding to the duration of the program and Swipe right to complete the payment.



Under Activities in the Airwallet app, you can see your usage. Below you will find:

Your receipts from your payments to Airwallet
When payments are made
Which machine you paid for
Date of payment
See you balance


Our customer support

If there are still questions, you can simply contact our Support in the Settings section in the Airwallet app.

Go to Support

You can also call our main number on +45 78 70 99 99 if you want a dialogue with us.

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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