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Why can’t I connect to the machine I want to use?

If you cannot connect to the machine, it often has something to do with the Bluetooth connection from the phone to the machine.
To solve that problem you can:

Make sure you are in the laundry. You can only pay for machines within a 10-30 meter radius.

Make sure the machine is ready to receive payment by closing the door and selecting a program.

If you have an Android phone and it cannot connect to any of the machines in the laundry, it may be because the phone has reached its limit of how many devices it can connect to. The problem can be solved by restarting the phone.

Make sure the machine is powered. For example, check that there is light in the display on the machine.

If it did not solve the problem, contact Airwallet at [email protected] or +45 7870 9999.

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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