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I am asked about something called NETS 3D secure when I add my card or am trying to make a payment, what is it?

3D security is an additional layer of security that is sometimes used with digital card payments. It is not requested on all payments but on selected payments, similar to when you sometimes are required to enter a PIN code on a card terminal.

The payment must either be approved with MitID, SMS+code from NETS, or 3D Secure supported banking apps. In other EU countries, you can use any other supported 3D Secure supported banking apps.

If you are in Denmark, we recommend that you use the MitID app.

If you do not have the MitID app, you can create a password with NETS at nets. EU/3DS.

If you are in Denmark and you have not been shown MitID as a verification method, it is because your bank has not registered that this is possible. This may be due to:

You do not have the MitID app on your phone yet.
You have just installed the MitID app and it has not been registered in the bank’s system yet.
You are not the owner of the card
The bank has not activated 3D Secure for your debit card. Contact the bank to do this.

If you are in doubt about why you cannot choose MitID when you need to confirm your payment, you can contact your bank.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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