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How does the balance setup work?

There are three options that need to be configured:

Refill amount
The selected amount will be refilled to the balance if your balance is about to fall below the chosen refill limit. The amount can range from the cost of one wash/dry to a monthly laundry budget.

Warning: The refill amount cannot be set to 0 and must always be higher than the refill limit.

Refill limit
The limit that the balance cannot fall below ensures you always have enough funds in your wallet. If you do not want to be notified until the balance is fully used, set the value to 0.

If enabled, the app will refill based on the previous settings only when you attempt to pay with insufficient balance. You will still be notified of the refill. If disabled, the app will redirect you to the settings page to manually approve the refill when funds are insufficient.

If you would like to adjust the settings after your initial setup, you can do so by going to "Activities" in your app and clicking the banner that shows your balance.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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