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Encore Pro - Electric DLHF0315EC2 or Gas LHF0315GC2 Dryer

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Fixed ➜ Pulse operated: 50 ms.

Pulse repetition: Should equal to the cycle price divided by the pulse value (0,25$)
(Example: Cycle price 3.5$ / pulse value 0,25$ = pulse repetition 14)

Busy signal: None

Enter service mode:

Unlock and remove the coin box
Press and release the Service Switch located in the rear of the coin vault to enter service mode.
Press the Start button and the display will show "SE" confirming access to the service registers.

Price the programs:

Use the "Low" and "No heat" buttons to navigate to the desired registers.
Go to register 40, High heat and press Start to enter, The current price will be shown in the display blinking.
Use the three program selection buttons; Medium, Low, No Heat to change each of the three digits in the display. Each button increments a corresponding digit, left to right, in the price. Each digit rolls over from 9 to 0 without affecting the other digits. Once the desired price has been set in the register, press the Start button to save the value and exit the register.
If registers 041, 042 and 043 = "0.00" the values of these registers will be set to the same value as register 040. If different pricing is desired, program each register separately repeating steps 4-5.
Press the Service Switch in the vault to exit service mode.
Check the newly entered prices by selecting each program.

Wiring diagram

No.AW PRO310 or higherWiring diagram
1Wire no. 1Line
2Wire no. 2Neutral
3Wire no. 3Coin 1: CN9 terminal 2
4Wire no. 4Coin 1: CN9 terminal 5
5Wire no. 5Not in use
6Wire no. 6Not in use
7Wire no. 7Not in use

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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