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Encore Pro - Top load washer WMTW4371

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Fixed ➜ Pulse operated: 50 ms.

Pulse repetition: Should equal to the cycle price divided by the pulse value (0,25$)
(Example: Cycle price 3.5$ / pulse value 0,25$ = pulse repetition 14)

Busy signal: None

Enter service mode:

Press and hold COLD, DELICATE, and START buttons for 3 sec.
Use the cycle selection buttons to enter the owner’s four digit PIN.
Press START. The display will now show “SE”

Price the programs:

Press the program or option button for which the price is to be programmed. The current price for that selection will be displayed.
Press the START button. The price will blink indicating it can now be changed.
Use the four program-selection buttons; COLD, WARM, HOT, and DELICATE to change each of the four digits in the price. Each button increments a corresponding digit, left to right, in the price.
When the desired price is set press START. The display will stop blinking indicating the new value has been saved.
Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each remaining wash program and option buttons. The option prices in- crease the price of the chosen program price by the value entered for each option. Typically, options are set to values of $0.25 or $0.50.
When all prices have been saved exit the service mode by pressing the service switch or by waiting 60 seconds.
Verify the program and option prices by selecting each program with and without the option selections.

Wiring diagram

No.AW PRO310 or higherWiring diagram
1Wire no. 1Line
2Wire no. 2Neutral
3Wire no. 3Coin 1: CN4 terminal 1 (Violet)
4Wire no. 4Coin 1: CN4 terminal 2 (Blue)
5Wire no. 5Not in use
6Wire no. 6Not in use
7Wire no. 7Not in use

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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