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Maytag - Stacked Products 100-240V supply installation

Fixed ➜ Pulse operated
pulse length: 25 ms., pulse repetition: 1, busy signal: None

If the Airwallet unit is installed on a machine that also allows for coins, then the pulse repetition must be equal to the price divided by the std. coin value.
E.g. The price of a dryer is 1 £ and the machine standard coin value is 0.25 £. Therefore the pulse repetition is 4 pulses.

The installation is without feedback from the machine, meaning the device will be available again in the Airwallet app after 15 minutes.

Set the machine to vended laundry according to the installation manual.

Wiring diagram

No.AW PRO310 or higherWiring diagram
1Wire no. 1Line
2Wire no. 2Neutral
3Wire no. 3Terminal AA4 - 2
4Wire no. 4Not in use
5Wire no. 5Not in use
6Wire no. 6Not in use
7Wire no. 7Terminal AA4 - 3

Updated on: 16/12/2022

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