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Schulthess - Topline Pro TA 9340

Fixed ➜ Pulse operated
Pulse length: 1000 ms., pulse repetition: 1, busy signal: High

Go to Service function and enter the code 36/14/25

Under Machine parameters ➜ Payment options the option Jeton should be active

Go to Additional functions and enter the following code 29/05/17

Under Jeton settings ➜ Parameters, Jeton should be on pulse

In additional functions, assign values to each accessible machine program

In the regular Settings menu, choose Automatic door opening and Anti-crease protection off

Wiring diagram

No.AW PRO310 or higherWiring diagram
1Wire no. 1ST16 - N
2Wire no. 2ST16 - L1
3Wire no. 3ST50 - 3
4Wire no. 4ST50 - 4
5Wire no. 5ST12 - 1
6Wire no. 6Not in use
7Wire no. 7Not in use

Updated on: 16/12/2022

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