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The screen on the machine is frozen and I can not choose a program

If your screen seems to be frozen and you are not able to choose a program, the reason might be a child lock on the machine. You can recognise child lock by a symbol of closed lock on the display of the machine or letters CL. Here are guides on how to unlock the display on the most common machines:

If you do not find the relevant information here, you can try to search for user manual for the specific machine at your location or contact us at +45 78 70 99 99 or [email protected]

Electrolux machine:

Read article on how to unlock child lock on different Electrolux machines here:

Schulthess professional

On Schulthess machines the child lock should be disabled by holding the top right button together with start button (more details in video:


On LG machines one of the buttons should be stated child lock - hold the appropriate button for 3 seconds to unlock the machine

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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