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This is how Airwallet works on household machines

There are specific things to be aware of when using Airwallet on household machines. The household machines are turned off until you pay for Airwallet. The machine will be turned on for the time you have purchased. Here are the steps and things to pay special attention to when using Airwallet on household machines: The following is divided into 8 steps:

Connect to the machine you wish to use.

Press the blue button 60 seconds free and here a signal will be sent to the machine to turn on for 60 seconds. Here you can see the different programs and how long they each run. Here you can find out which program you want to use.

After the free 60 seconds have expired, you can now make the purchase for the machine.

Buy the time you want to spend according to the program that you want. It is always a good idea to add an additional 10 minutes as household machines may take a few extra minutes to complete the program compared to the spin that the machine makes.

After purchase, the machine will be powered for the time you purchased. Here, the program can be finished before Airwallet cuts off the power to the machine.

If you experience the machine stopping before your time has expired or you have bought too much time, you can press Stop Time inside the app, and here the balance will automatically be refunded to your bank account.

If you find that the door to the machine will not open, you can connect again and start the free 60 seconds. Here power will go to the machine again and allow you to open the door.

If you still have problems opening the door to the machine, call our main number at: +45 78709999 or access our live chat on or through the app

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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