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How can I create a credit payment user?

OBS! - This article applies to laundry owners. - If you are an app user who would like to become a credit payment user please contact the owners at your location.

To create a credit payment user goes to the specific location the user will be using the feature at.

Click on the icon called 'Create credit payment user'

Fill in:
User ID (this option is required, choose ID that you use to identify user in your company's system)
Full name (this option is not required)
Phone number (this option is required only if you want to send user payment code in SMS)
Enable/disable the option to send user code through SMS (remember, if you decide to not to send the code through SMS it is your responsibility to deliver the code to a user in different way)

Finish up by clicking on 'Create user'
If you have chosen to send the code through SMS the user has received the code.
If you have chosen to not to send code through SMS the payment code will appear on your screen, do not forget to note it down so you can deliver the code to the user later on.

To have an overview of payments created by credit payment users click on 'Reports.' The overview gives an option to add the usage amount to the monthly rent or charge the user through other payment method based on common agreement. The reports are available first day of every month.

For overview of daily credit payments go to 'Transactions'

Updated on: 27/04/2024

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