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What type of 'Actions' can I receive from the Airwallet dashboard?

This article provides a guide on the different types of notifications ("Actions") that the Airwallet Dashboard can send you, to ensure you stay informed about your laundry equipment's status and maintenance needs.

Maintenance is due

An Action is triggered for servicing the machine when its maintenance counter exceeds 1000 cycles, with the default setting at 1000 cycles.

Out of soap

When the soap usage counter of a machine goes beyond its limit, an Action for refilling the machine with soap is generated. The soap counter feature is disabled by default.

Remove a machine

An Action suggesting the removal of a washer or dryer is generated if a laundry site's usage falls below 0.5 cycles per day over an extended period, assuming removal is feasible.

Start signal error

If a washer receives two start signals within 15 minutes or a dryer within 5 minutes, an Action is created to prompt a check of the machine’s configuration or installation for errors.

Not used recently

An Action to investigate a potential, unreported error is triggered if a machine has not been used for four weeks.

Used less than usual

An Action is generated to check for any unreported errors when a machine’s usage deviates from its typical pattern.

Anton is offline/online

If the Anton terminal fails to communicate back to the cloud for 15 minutes, an Action is generated to check the terminal. Once Anton reconnects, the status is updated to "Anton is online again."

Anton has low battery / is charging again

An Action is triggered to check the terminal and site if Anton stops charging or if its battery level falls below 20%. When Anton starts charging again, the status updates to "Anton is charging again."

On the 'Account' page, you have the option to receive email notifications for these Actions, allowing you to quickly address issues and minimize potential downtime at your site.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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